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  • Rewires

    • Full House Rewires

    • Partial House Rewires

    • Rear Extension Wiring

    • Loft Extension Wiring

    • Garage Conversions

  • Alterations

    • ​Kitchen Alternations

    • Electrical Alternation

    • Outdoor Lighting

A full electrical rewire on a house is usually done about every 25-30 years and it is important to plan ahead so there is enough spare capacity for any future expansion (loft conversion, house extension, etc). We have a professional team of fully trained and qualified electricians able to carry out an electrical rewire to ensure that your property meets the current electrical safety standards.

Common Signs Of Bad Electrical Wiring

  • Switches and sockets with live parts showing

  • Cables protrudes above plaster

  • Holes in wiring accessories or fuse box

  • Cable sheaths left outside of wiring accessories

  • Fuse box is not labeled

  • Spot Lights not fire rated

  • External lights cable not suitable for outside use

  • Wiring accessories not fit for purpose

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