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Take Control of Heating Your Home

Ulex Electrical are one of the region’s go-to experts when it comes to supplying and installing the Nest Learning Thermostat, the ingenious product that’s helping customers cut their fuel bills by up to 29% a year. Invented by the designer behind the iPod, it takes its cues from the behaviour of its users and then compiles a programme based on their habits. The Nest app allows you to control your heating via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The device automatically works out how long a house takes to warm up, so that heating reaches the temperature a user requires in time for when they want it, rather than several hours afterwards. The Nest provides data on how long and how often heating systems have been used. It replaces a user’s thermostat and heating programmer, and can turn a boiler on or off automatically.

Key Features

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  • Increased efficiency - Save money and do your bit for the environment by only having your heating on when you need it. There's a whole host of reporting options available too for monitoring usage

  • Maximum control - You have full control over the programmer, thermostat and frost stat - all you need is an internet connection. You can then use the Nest app on your mobile, tablet or computer to control your heating

  • Simple scheduling - The Nest’s Learning capabilities allow your thermostat to devise a schedule automatically based on the way you use it

  • Fully compatible - The Nest works with most heating systems and setups

  • Easy installation - Wired and Semi-wired installation options

With the Nest Thermostat you can take heating your home to the next level. Download the Nest app on your mobile, tablet or PC so that you control your homes temperature, anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

The Nest app doesn’t just control the Nest thermostat, it can be integrated to control a huge range of home smart products including the Nest Cam and Nest Smoke + CO2 Alarm. Users of the application can keep up to date with useful data insights, keep track of heating usage (letting you know what happens when you are away from the home) and take control even when out and about.

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