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Consumer Units

There are a number of reasons why your property may require an upgrade to the existing consumer unit.

Older fuse box style consumer units do not provide RCD protection for the existing wiring,These are especially common when taking possession of an old property with outdated wiring. This type of installation is not compliant with the latest regulations.

Usually a simple consumer unit upgrade can bring your properties electrical installation into compliance with the latest 18th Edition Electrical Regulations

If you require upgrades or repairs to your existing installation, give us a call and we'll offer you the services you need at prices you can afford.

New Consumer Units From As Little as £350

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Why might I need to upgrade my consumer unit/Fuse box?

If your Fuse box is damaged or in a state of disrepair, you will need to have it fixed or upgraded in order to meet the minimum British legal standard.

Outdated, plastic consumer units  should also be upgraded to metal, fire safe consumer units, complaint with the 18th edition.

What problems should I look out for?

There are many tell-tale signs that your unit may have a problem: flickering lights, circuit breakers tripping, humming and crackling noises and sockets not working. If your unit is damaged, your power may even cut out, leaving you without modern conveniences, or even lighting.

What should I be aware of on the unit itself?

Your unit should not have broken fuse carriers, be lacking a Residual Current Device or have a wooden back which can be a fire hazard. If you are unsure about anything on your Fuse box, give as a call to discuss it – it’s always best to be cautious.

There are 3 main types of Consumer Unit

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From £350

Split Load, Dual RCB, Consumer Unit are a budget friendly Consumer Unit, providing shared RCD protection across multiple circuits

These are a great option for rental properties as they achieve 18th edition compliance at a budget friendly price.

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From £550

Full RCBO Consumer Units provide individual RCD protection and isolation to each individual circuit.

These are the perfect solution for any properties with a home office or an abundance of electronic devices. As these provide individual isolation a fault on your cooker circuit will not affect any other electrics within the house. Allowing you to work from home uninterupted.

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From £150

Outbuilding Supply Units are a great compact solution for the summer house or the home office at the end of the garden

These are the perfect combination when paired with our extended WiFi solutions. Providing high speed Internet to even the furthest rooms

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